House Rules

House Rules

We are so pleased to have you as our guest.

Arrival and Departure


  • 1400 hour – 1930 hour 2 pm-7:30 pm (Lockbox instructions attached in separate PDF)
  • If you come in after these hours, please let us know
  • Please inform us of your arrival time 48 hours before your check-in
  • For extreme situations, we can work on other arrangements

Check-out time:

  • 12 pm, Noon 1200 hours
  • Please return key to the lockbox and lock it

House Rules

  1. Smoking is prohibited in the entire apartment. If there is any indication of smoking in the apartment, there will be a fine of €200.
    • If you do smoke outside, kindly discard cigarettes in the trash across the street.
  2. Only use the non-scented laundry detergent that is provided. Dryer sheets are prohibited. We need to respect people who have allergies to fragrances.
  3. No parties: This is a quiet building with families and the elderly. If you are looking for fun and excitement, many bars and restaurants are on the promenade. We purchased in this area for the peaceful location and great view.
  4. Recycle: Bins are separated by plastic, tin, paper, and organic trash. You will find larger receptacles for recycling around town. There is a glass recycle bin right down the street.
  5. Communal entrance and hallway: There is no forced air at the entrance and the building is from 1931. Because of our climate, sometimes it can smell a little of the ocean. When the weather is nice, it is OK to prop the doors open for ventilation in the daytime if you like.


The home can sleep up to 6 people. We added new pillows and a few new beds where needed.

  • Room 1: Two twin beds
  • Room 2: The master bedroom with two full beds.
  • Room 3: The third bedroom has a trundle bed for one person.
  • The living room has a pull-out couch for one person. Linens are inside the couch storage.

You will find additional linens and towel sets in each room. Hangers are also provided for your clothes.

Babies: We have a pack-n-play for babies and a high chair. We will make these available if you let us know.

House knowledge:

  1. CAUTION! The Hot Water gets extremely hot. Please be careful in both sinks and the shower.
  2. Electricity is expensive in Spain. Please use the lights you need and turn off lights to rooms not being used. This will help us keep rental rates low.
  3. Television offers a few options; HBO, Netflix, Apple, Prime, and the digital networks.
  4. The washer and dryer should remain open when not in use. This helps avoid mold and mildew. The dryer must have the water reservoir emptied every time a load is dried. There are also two lint collectors to clean out. Only used the clothes washing detergent we provided.
  5. The kitchen has a new stovetop with digital control, and the oven works very well.
  6. Windows in the house offer the ability to open completely, cracked, or shut. Please leave the windows closed or cracked when you leave the house.
  7. Shades- the external shades open and close using the tension ribbon to the side of the windows. The house becomes very dark when they are shut. Please do not open the shades all the way up, as it might cause them to lock in that position.
  8. The fire extinguisher is located by the exit.